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Old 04-17-2022, 09:58 AM
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Default How to get UNLIMITED views on TikTok and make over 200$ per day

This is straight to the point method of exploiting the tiktok algorithm in order to easily earn some decent $ daily through CPA.

If you didn’t yet know , the tiktok For You Page is broken into different pools. The 1st pool of the FYP will get your video an estimated 300 to 700 views. If the content is highly engaged with on all metrics , tiktok is going to push it in the 2nd , 3rd pool and so on. ( this however RARELY happens with CPA videos, pretty much never )

This method will help you hit the 1st pool of the FYP with ANY VIDEO , 10/10 times. ( guaranteed 300 to 700 views per video ) so just post 100 vids and there’s your free 30k views.

The FYP country you hit is gonna depend on where tiktok knows u posted from.
If no trick works for you to hit US , just pay someone to post vids for you from the US.

Here’s how to hit the 1st pool of the FYP guaranteed - it’s actually so easy I’m baffled not everyone is abusing this !!

1. post your CPA/CPI video with link in bio. ( For mobile installs - CPA Build & Ogads , for email submits use Adludum.
2. The only thing your video needs to hit the 1st pool of the FYP guaranteed is 20-25 likes in the first 45 minutes - 1 hour of video being posted. AND heavy watch time AND 2-3 comments.
3. Get REAL individuals to fully watch your video for the watch time AND like it. Ask 2-3 of them to comment. I DO NOT RECOMMEND microworkers for this , REAL PEOPLE with REAL TIKTOK accounts is much much better. How to get this for free ? Just use some other method , especially easy if you use Snapchat , promise kids game hacks, robux or fucking candy for doing the task for you. ( I find it very easy getting 25 kids to like a tiktok video and give it full watch time in 1 hour ) if you can’t do this step, you shouldn’t be in affiliate marketing in my opinion.

Done, is THIS EASY to hit the first pool of the FYP GUARANTEED, for every and all videos.
It may take hours for tiktok algorithm to pick up video and send it into the FYP , or it may only take 1-2 hours, it seems very random. However, as long as your account isn’t shadowbanned , and interaction came from real people, IT IS going to hit the 1st pool. If you aren’t scared of manual work and you can get MANY kids to do this for you, you can rack in over 100k views / day , easy.

I wish you all happy earning xD

BONUS - NON-INCENT offers work very well with this
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Old 12-29-2022, 02:31 AM
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Your articles are inventive. I am looking forward to reading the plethora of articles that you have linked here. Thumbs up!
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